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The Joy of the Process

I follow the grain of the wood with the handle of my mom's old scraper in my right hand, while controlling the pressure and flow of the blade with the fingers of my left. I get a warm feeling between my shoulders and neck as the rhythm of the wood is revealed. This is when the stories begin. Together they are my calming rhythm.

Recent Works

6th of February, 2020

Health Recovery

Health issues over the last 3 years, including an SI joint issue and a hip replacement have kept me out of my workshop.  July 2019, just when I thought I would be able to get back to my art, I suffered a burst fracture of the L2 vertebra and 7 fractured ribs from a waterskiing accident which kept me down for several months, but I’m now getting back up to speed and am feeling creative.  Meanwhile, I’ve collected several pieces of wood that that are waiting for me to listen to their stories. It may be a few months before I complete a piece, so stay tuned…Oh yeah, I will be waterskiing this summer!

26th of July, 2017

Revealing Rhythms in Wood

Since 1974 I have built custom homes from foundation through cabinets with the belief that a2 + b2 = c2, water seeks its own level and strings don’t lie. I was bound by rules, plans and codes. I worked the wood to create straight, clean lines and smooth seamless joints. Checks, twists, knots and flaws were avoided.

Today I’m seeing:

Checks as hardships survived. Twists as paths taken to continue growing. Knots are where the tree reached out for life. Flaws are revealed as highlights and opportunities

 I am now working, not bound by rules, with wood that has been shaped by wind, water, sun and fire. Connecting and sharing, as I reveal the natural beauty hidden in found wood, is my calming rhythm.

25th of July, 2017

Heart of the West Art Show


Two of Steve’s artworks, “Shapeshifter” and “Waterstill~Mountainsigh”, were accepted to the juried Heart of the West Art Show Auction in Bozeman, MT. Both pieces will be on display at Zoot Art Gallery in Four Corners, MT (555 Zoot Enterprises Lane, Bozeman, MT 59718) for an Auction Preview Show opening June 29 and closing with a public reception attended by the artists, August 8 from 5-7 p.m.  The artwork will then move to Grantree Inn, (1325 N. 7th Ave., Bozeman), for the Heart of the West Contemporary Art Show and Auction. The show runs August 10-12, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily, with the live auction taking place August 12 from 4 – 6 p.m., preceded by a Quick Finish event from 2:00-3:30 p.m. Art will be sold by Black and Associates Auctioneers, and all quick finish sales will benefit the Museum of the Rockies. Live and absentee bidding will be available online with the Heart of the West mobile app, through the Auctions.HeartoftheWestArt.com website, and iCollector.com.

18th of March, 2017

Rhythms of the West Collaborative Exhibition of Art at the E3 Convergence Gallery

“Rhythms of the West” is a collaborative exhibition of art created by Bobbe Almer and Steve Woodhouse. The exhibition will open at the E3 Gallery, 229 W Main Street in Missoula, Friday, April 7, at 5 p.m. with a free public reception featuring music by Jami Kidd. This must-see exhibition pulls together scenes and materials that express what these artists see in ordinary life west of the Rockies. Both artists will be present at the opening to demonstrate and share insight into their work.
Almer’s work always involves nature which she captures in oil, pastel, or watercolor depending on how she chooses to portray her subject. “I’m inspired by light as I see it falling on the landscape. Whether I’m painting the tightly defined feathers of a bird or the loose strokes of daisies in an imaginary field, my choice of medium helps me capture the light and elements I observe,” she says.

Woodhouse is a sculptor of found wood from the mountains and streams of Montana. His sculptures are fascinating pieces filled with intrigue and hidden messages. “Only man expects to see straight lines in things he tries to follow or control,” says Woodhouse. “Texture, color, and shape form a living rhythm which I attempt to reveal as the wood begins to share its story with me through the process.”

Both artists bring their own unique interpretation of the rhythms they find in creating art. This exhibition will be on display through April 30.


7th of January, 2017

Buffalo Nations on Sale “Buffalo Nations” will be included in the ‘Heart Of The West Winter Auction'

The 2017 Winter Online-Only Auction absentee bidding is available now!
Live auction starts on Saturday January 14, 2017 at 4:00 p.m.


 ‘Buffalo Nations’ (Lot #108) is available to add to your art collection, don’t miss this chance!



Thank You
12th of November, 2016

MAP Gathering – Artists Showcase & Sale Helena, Montana

8th of August, 2016

Heart of the West Art Show Live Auction

If art collectors are unable to attend the Heart of the West Art Show you can now participate in an exciting fine art live auction. Potential bidders can register, leave absentee bids and also bid live starting at 4:00 p.m. (MDT) Saturday, August 13.

Steve Woodhouse’s juried auction piece is “Unfolding”, lot #69.

25th of May, 2016

A Day in The Park The Great Falls School for the Deaf & Blind visit Sculpture in the Wild

It was a Great Day!

The bus pulled into Sculpture in the Wild parking lot around 9:45 May 25th, and the fun began. My wife, “Grandma April” had hot chocolate, cookies and snacks for everyone to enjoy while they got their walking legs under them after the bus ride that started at Great Falls School for the Deaf and Blind. Rick Dunkerley led the students and staff around the sculpture park telling stories of each sculpture and its artist. (Actually, the group was led by Logan, who kept Rick hopping!) A small version of ‘Montana Line Fence’, by Kevin O”Dwyer, was on loan from Sandra Roe, so the kids could feel the detail of the sculpture. When they touched the base of Kevin’s large installation and grasped the scale, the most used word was “WOW”. The tour continued with April, Becky Garland, Sylvia Johnson and myself sharing one-on-one info with kids as we walked. The scale, textures and stories of the sculptures were taken in by all. Some stayed in character as kings, queens or emperors after passing through ‘Gateway of Change’ to their dream village. They walked back and forth several times in ‘East-West Passage’. The sounds inside the teepee burner were also felt and absorbed.
After we ate lunch in the park, the bus drove down the road to Sylvia and Jim Johnson’s fishing pond. The kids cast and fished. Quite a few fish were caught and released with added help from Gary Smith. The smiles were everywhere. Sylvia had fresh sliced watermelon for everyone to enjoy before the bus ride home. As the bus drove away, I found myself waving with both hands. One hand for so long, the other for come again. I want to thank the KIDS and STAFF for visiting us. It was a great day!

20th of May, 2016

Sculpture in the Wild

In the fall of 2014 I was privileged to assist five international artists during the first Blackfoot Pathways: Sculpture in the Wild symposium.   I was honored to be part of the crew that disassembled and reconstructed the old Delaney teepee burner that now stands as the centerpiece at Sculpture in the Wild sculpture park in Lincoln, MT. The burner was artistically interpreted by world renowned artist, Kevin O’Dwyer.  Kevin graciously allowed me to repurpose pieces of discarded steel from the burner for my pieces, “Second Hand Smoke” and “Glows Now Silent”.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these two sculptures will be donated to Sculpture in the Wild.


13th of April, 2016

Learning to See with Touch A visit to the Montana School for the Deaf and Blind

My best day in school ever!!!

I want to thank Denise Rutldege, the students at the Montana School for the Deaf and Blind and their staff in Great Falls, MT. While working on a sculpture, the name “Learning to See, With Touch” came to mind. A few days after giving the piece that name, I realized what the name meant and decided I wanted it to be touched before being seen. After a few more days of thought, I called MTSDB and talked to Denise. They allowed me to come to their “Connection Time” and share my sculptures. The kids were so much fun, so insightful and such talented artists. After collaborating with the students, I am finishing the sculpture with their input in mind. My wife, April, and I thought the kids would enjoy Sculpture in the Wild in Lincoln, MT, so we invited ’em! I am so looking forward to walking the sculpture park with them in late May and know they will give us all a new perspective on the sculptures. We’re “tying” in a fishing event to round out the their visit. It will be a great day!