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The Joy of the Process

I follow the grain of the wood with the handle of my mom's old scraper in my right hand, while controlling the pressure and flow of the blade with the fingers of my left. I get a warm feeling between my shoulders and neck as the rhythm of the wood is revealed. This is when the stories begin. Together they are my calming rhythm.

Recent Works

6th of February, 2020

Health Recovery

Health issues over the last 3 years, including an SI joint issue and a hip replacement have kept me out of my workshop.  July 2019, just when I thought I would be able to get back to my art, I suffered a burst fracture of the L2 vertebra and 7 fractured ribs from a waterskiing accident which kept me down for several months, but I’m now getting back up to speed and am feeling creative.  Meanwhile, I’ve collected several pieces of wood that that are waiting for me to listen to their stories. It may be a few months before I complete a piece, so stay tuned…Oh yeah, I will be waterskiing this summer!