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The Joy of the Process

I follow the grain of the wood with the handle of my mom's old scraper in my right hand, while controlling the pressure and flow of the blade with the fingers of my left. I get a warm feeling between my shoulders and neck as the rhythm of the wood is revealed. This is when the stories begin. Together they are my calming rhythm.

Recent Works

26th of July, 2017

Revealing Rhythms in Wood

Since 1974 I have built custom homes from foundation through cabinets with the belief that a2 + b2 = c2, water seeks its own level and strings don’t lie. I was bound by rules, plans and codes. I worked the wood to create straight, clean lines and smooth seamless joints. Checks, twists, knots and flaws were avoided.

Today I’m seeing:

Checks as hardships survived. Twists as paths taken to continue growing. Knots are where the tree reached out for life. Flaws are revealed as highlights and opportunities

 I am now working, not bound by rules, with wood that has been shaped by wind, water, sun and fire. Connecting and sharing, as I reveal the natural beauty hidden in found wood, is my calming rhythm.